Paris’ Eiffel Tower Goes Dark in Solidarity for Syrians

The Eiffel Tower, a cornerstone of French culture, went dark on Wednesday to display solidarity for the people of Aleppo in the wake of the Syrian government’s capture of the rebel held city.

“At the request of Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, the Eiffel Tower will be symbolically dark this evening, Wednesday, Dec. 14, to demonstrate the support of Paris to the besieged inhabitants of the city of Aleppo in Syria,” Eiffel Tower officials stated.

According to Hidalgo, “This symbolic measure, on a monument recognized the world over, aims to compel the international community to act urgently.” Another statement from the Mayor’s Office revealed that Paris would also be funding two medical convoys for the war-torn city.

In addition to the city’s government, the city’s people are also conveying their support for the people Aleppo. Hundreds gathered at Place Igor Stravinsky, named after the famous Russian composer, to protest Russia’s involvement with the Syrian government.

Given the rise of the xenophobic and overtly Islamaphobic French National Front, the people of Paris’ gestures provide both hope and reassurance that a better future lies ahead.