Pandemic Paralysis: The Chopping Block

The “Pandemic Paralysis” series is one in which the author will be exploring the effects of social distancing during the pandemic for those suffering from mental health challenges, and how the pandemic has exacerbated these challenges. Says the author, “I think many women can relate to how much more they are all of a sudden responsible for, while it seems the same standards as always are in place for men.” The poem “The Chopping Block” is the first part of the series, which is a satire on having a career as a woman.

As I come upon my

Chopping I would like

To test out how well

My neck fits in the curves

Sir, for I am but a delicate

Creature, forever at the foot

Of all that grow that from me

And you, if you would oblige

Of me, Sir.

So I ask, May I test out the 

Chopper?  After all, I may

Prefer the stove.

You never know, For I don’t

Know if this is meant for me, Sir

Even the curve in the block is too 

Big, for me, Sir.

May I have a new one?