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Poem: For Palestine. Again.

Poem: For Palestine. Again.

What does it mean, really, when we say:
We are Palestine
When we change our Facebook profiles
for a week or two
When we post dark images on Instagram
and write moving paragraphs as captions,
trying to make a point

What does it mean when we wear a keffiyeh
and march in streets that look nothing like
the alleyways of Ramallah
What does it mean when we start to pay attention
only when CNN tells us to—

Why does solidarity have to follow headlines?
The thing about people is that we will
take each other’s cultures
We will learn the dabke and eat mansaf
and have a flag pinned on our wall
But are we willing to die for our beliefs?
Are we willing to risk our lives stepping into
a mosque in a city that they tell us isn’t ours?

What do we know about Palestine?

We’re the ones who wrap the flags around our bodies,
but our bodies haven’t known pain like theirs:
We have not been shot at while kneeling in prayer
Ours is a knowledge that can be taken off at will,
a freedom that hasn’t been afforded to them for centuries
What does it mean?
What does it mean, really?

That we get to sleep tonight, after contemplating
for a few moments, what this latest grievance will do for peace negotiations
What does it mean that we write articles trying to voice our rage
at this injustice,
while they stay awake
wondering if they’ve finally been stripped of their right
to just be?

For God’s sake,
Just let them be.


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  • When will Palestinians know that their lives are worth more than a Jew’s death?

    When will the Islamic world stop using Palestinians to forward jihad?

    When will the Palestinians Arab brethren in Lebanon give them full rights and allow them to access all jobs and buy land – like Israeli Arabs can in their country, Israel?

    When will people care more that thousands of Palestinians have been attacked by the Islamic State in Syria in which thousands were killed?

    Will people ever wake up and reject being dominated by a set of laws and ritual methodology dreamed up by a psychopath, a leader who pillaged, incessantly r a ped, dismembered limbs, decapitated innocents? Or will they just seek to force convert and abuse and dominate those who do (as been done in all lands consumed by Islam – whether previously Buddhist Afghanistan, Hindu Pakistan, Christian Constantinople, etc?

    No conquering army has ever cared enough about Jerusalem to make it a capital. Jordan had it last and not only did they not make it a capital, they didn’t set it aside for a Palestinian State (a first Palestinian State ever if there is to be one).

    This pseudo care about a people who are really harmed by the same ideology that harms everyone in the neighboring countries is really not going to help bring happiness to the world and certainly not to them – if happiness in this world matters.

    They can all still pray on the Temple Mount while turning their backs on Al Aqsa while Jews and Christians, per orders of the Islamic Waqf who Israel granted guardianship – are prohibited from praying on their holiest site.

    This desire to eliminate Jews from Israel is holding up peace – but then again, peace isn’t really the goal of Islam, it is submission, submission to what – really? Enough. Palestinians will be able to have their first state ever when they can behave as if their life is worth more than a Jew’s death. It isn’t the Jews who strip anyone of rights – it is the ideology who strips all humans of rights. As long as Islam rules, there will never be a “free Palestine” like there is no “free Egypt,” “free Saudi Arabia” “free Yemen” “free Afghanistan” etc.

    Please be intellectually honest and stop this facade.

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