This Pakistani Pop Star Paused His Concert to Call Out Sexual Harassment

Atif Aslam, a renowned Pakistani singer, stopped his recent concert midway when he saw a female attendee being sexually harassed.

He addressed the attackers directly, saying (in Urdu), “Haven’t you ever seen a girl? This could have been your mother or sister right here.” He then had his crew members help the young woman get up on the stage and find another spot so she could enjoy the remainder of the show.

While the crowd chanted his name, the singer continued to address the harassers: “If you behave well while enjoying the show, it’ll be long, or else it will end quickly. Okay? Be a decent human being.”

The video has gone viral, and fans and critics alike are praising Aslam’s actions on social media.

I hope people will follow this singer’s example and stand up against sexual harassment, regardless of where or when it is happening.