Our Top Five Underrated Beats For Black History Month

Love music? Me too! Love being Black? Same, sis! These five amazing, underrated songs will make you want to sing and dance, and may even bring a tear to your eye! Music really is a powerful (and fun) way to spread a message, and by the end of this list, I hope you will have five more amazing additions to your playlist:

(Please note that these songs contain explicit language)

1. This is America by Childish Gambino


Donald Glover, AKA Childish Gambino, uses many different hidden symbols, signs, and gestures to create a wonderful music video about the struggles of living in America while black, along with the violence shown throughout the states.

“Police be trippin’ now. 
Yeah, this is America. 
Guns in my area.”


 2. White Privilege by Macklemore


This amazing song is about a white man accepting his privilege while pushing other Americans to do the same. Macklemore also highlights the issue of cultural appropriation in the music industry, speaking out about how people choose to ignore it.

“I want to take a stance cause we are not free.
And then I thought about it, we are not we.”


3. I’m Not Racist by Joyner Lucas


This song is a discussion between a caucasian, racist Trump supporter, and a Black man. The song includes many stereotypes of Black people versus the troubles, hardship, and trauma that comes with being Black in a country whose system works against you.

“I’m not racist and I never lie,
But I think there’s a disconnect between your culture and mine.”


4. Fight by Brockhampton


Brockhampton’s amazing song, “Fight”, speaks of a young boy learning of racism and the labels that come with being a person of color. The band comes together to create an amazing piece highlighting this important issue.

“Little black boys have a place in the world,
Like hanging from trees.
Or dead in the street.”


5. CANTU by Aminé


This more lighthearted song by one of my favorite rappers talks about love for natural hair, and the annoyance felt when you hear, “Can I touch it?” This upbeat song screams confidence and self-love.

“I got them dreads, bussin’ bussin’
‘Cause I might wanna let my hair down.”