Deb Haaland

On the Ballot: Deb Haaland Could Be America’s Long-Awaited VP

With the 2024 Presidential Election looming, people are asking if President Biden intends to retain Kamala Harris as his vice president. And, more importantly, could someone like Deb Haaland be a suitable replacement? 

Let’s examine the last three years of Harris’s tenure. Harris has had poor approval ratings throughout the Biden administration, which continue to drop. 

Harris has a reputation for abusing her staff, and it is said that her office culture is a harmful and toxic work environment. Currently, she has not made a public impact on any significant issue. In one case, Biden assigned her to visit Guatemala to address the border crisis. Upon visiting, she told people not to come to the US.

Democrats are concerned that Harris might not be the strongest person for the ticket.

Given her poor public image, low approval ratings, and lack of appeal for necessary voter blocks, many Democrats are concerned that Harris might not be the strongest person for the ticket. Because of that, she should consider public opinion and what is best for this country when contemplating a run for the 2024 Democratic ticket.

So where does that leave us? Could Biden run with a new VP on his 2024 ticket? If so, maybe he should consider bringing a fresh face with a different energy as his running mate — such as a woman named Deb Haaland.

Why Deb Haaland?

Deb Haaland
Deb Haaland confirmed by the U.S. Senate, becomes the first Native American to lead a Cabinet department. Source: Colorado Sun

Halaand has a strong record for winning, fundraising, and for integrity. She was a ferocious fundraiser in New Mexico and led the Democratic Party to considerable wins in that state. This makes her stand out, as evidenced by her current role in the cabinet.

She would appeal to Biden’s constituents on the left, as well, by drawing in votes from BIPOC people and antiracist White people because she would be the first indigenous woman to hold the VP office. The consistent move towards prioritizing Native American rights would support Haaland’s popularity.  

Haaland is charismatic and has experience both in the Senate and the Cabinet. She has been effective as Secretary of the Interior, including on an issue Biden cares deeply about: environmental justice. Notably, despite ample opportunity, Harris has made no name or impact for herself on this issue. 

Deb Haaland may be the solution needed for this country to stand up for justice, and should be considered for Vice President on the 2024 Presidential Election Biden ticket.

Don’t forget that she also has connections to partners in the Pacific, giving her a unique ability to form alliances in the ongoing negotiations to contain China’s arguably menacing influence. She could bring the necessary strength to the table as we continue building bridges with our allies in the Pacific, which we need right now.

As Muslims, we need to stand up for justice, and the issue of indigenous rights should be of central concern to us. Deb Haaland may be the solution required for the success of the USA.

Sarah is a social worker and certified alcohol and drug counselor in the San Francisco Bay Area, the traditional land of the Ohlone people. She likes to paint, drum, sing, and spend quality time with her family and God.