Note to Self: What It Means to Be a Woman

I will tell you what it means

To be a woman


The world is a scale

And you will always be

Too heavy

You will never measure up

To their expectations

There is not enough kale on earth

To cleanse what they have made you




Those stretch marks

Running zig zags

Across your stomach,

And in the hollows of your elbows?

Those are warrior badges:

You deserve them


And the dips in your lower back

That show every time

You sit too long?

Those are firm reminders

That your skin tells a story


Your body is like a river in the spring:

Full and swollen

And ready to burst

That’s how much life you’ve got in you



Quit scrubbing at you knees

To make them lighter

When you were little you crawled on those knees way too long

And made way too many discoveries,

Just to erase them now


And the crevices underneath your eyes?

Well, those are just accents, honey

Parentheses framing a beautiful soul


Don’t you ever let them tell you otherwise