19 New Year’s Resolutions from Millennial Muslim Women

As we enter 2019, it’s obvious that the #MuslimGirlArmy is focused on growth. From glowing up emotionally and spiritually to falling in love with ourselves first, our readers are cannonballing straight into a new chapter with new goals and new habits. We asked you about the lessons you learned in 2018 and the hopes, dreams, and aspirations you’re carrying with you into the new year. Here are some of the things you had to say.

May the year that lies ahead be your greatest one yet.


1. “Being kind to people includes yourself.”


2. “Sometimes family isn’t an excuse for toxic relationships.”


3. “I learned to trust myself more, and hopefully next year to be more positive in life.”


4. “I don’t need to be so hard on myself. We make mistakes, and life happens.”


5. “No one cares about my mental health and my wellbeing so I should start to do that.”


6. “Nothing is wrong with my body.”


7. “Working for the dunya isn’t nearly as rewarding as working for the afterlife.”


8. “Only Allah will give ya all ya want.”


9. “Our community can be toxic. I shouldn’t let that affect my relationship with my faith.”


10. “Muslim matriarch >>> Muslim patriarch. In 2019, I want to learn more about women in the Qur’an.”


11. “What you wear doesn’t make you a Muslim, it’s what’s in your heart.”


12. “I aligned my faith with people and not God. Still trying to figure out how to stop doing it.”


13. “Faith is a rollercoaster and I have to be willing to ride it.”


14. “One thing I learned is to ignore the people that don’t like you, and love the people who want you here.”


15. “That my opinion of myself is more important than anyone else’s.”


16. “That people will always criticize you no matter what you do so just be yourself.”


17. “That no one cares  if I remove the hair on my upper lip or not.”


18. “I learned self-discipline, need to work on more self-discipline.”


19. “No one else knows what brings you true happiness, so chase your own definition of it.”