Netanyahu and the Republican Party: A Match Made in Hell

My two most favorite people in the world have joined hands in an international play of favors: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and our very own Senator John Boehner of the Republican Party.

Just weeks before Israeli elections, Netanyahu will speak to Congress in Capitol Hill, undermining President Obama’s policy in his recent nuclear negotiations with Iran, which neither the Republicans nor Netanyahu are particularly happy with. So the Republican Party is scratching Netanyahu’s itch for winning the next Israeli reelection by amazing Bibi’s opposition with fancy English words and very debatable professionalism, and Netanyahu is scratching the Republican Party’s desperate itch for a leg up in politics. Like… how stupid do you think we are?

One would think that, as Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu would have more self respect than to fly to Capitol Hill and criticize the President. I mean, I thought Obama and Bibi were buddies…


This seems like behavior indicative of 11-year old girl backstabbing, doesn’t it? Or is this just modern politics for you, Mr. Netanyahu?

It must have been heartbreaking for Boehner when Obama promised to veto any kind of pressure by Congress to up the sanctions against Iran at his State of the Union address. After all, what kind of president tries to preserve the peace by using diplomacy? That’s probably why Boehner scrambled, stepping over the White House, to get the one other person as opposed to this policy as the Republican Party, Netanyahu, to speak and sway the Congress majority towards a decision against Obama — a majority decision too staggering for Obama to veto. So the Republican party can once again campaign to eliminate the imagined threat of Iraq. Nice idea, Boehner.

Yet again, we are telling the world Netanyahu cannot be trusted. He’s meddling in American politics to get a leg-up in his Israeli reelection campaign, for God’s sake. Wake up America. The Republican Party is at it again.

Images from Politico and Times of Israel