My Hijab is for You, Too

Why do you wear the hijab?

Muslims and non-Muslims alike have asked me the same question countless times.  While it is true that Islam, in addition to the spiritual enlightenment, has preferred women to wear the hijab for their safety and modesty, there are additional important reasons worth mentioning.

I wear the garment for a further cause. I wear it because of you.  You read that correctly, sister – whether you are Muslim or a non-Muslim, I believe in the right of every woman that has ever lived or will ever live.  I believe that women are not reduced to the carrot-top beauties and big-chested supermodels. I believe that women should be regarded with respect and not because their gait is suggestive.  You, as a woman, should have the freedom to leave the house with dignity rather than be a victim to peeping neighbours and lusting friends.  Women are more than long legs and captivating eyes.  A bikini-clad woman should not be used to advertise cars and shaving products.  Her silhouette should not be used to sell medicine and her curves should not be a tool for sales in a bedding company.

I believe that when men speak to you, regardless of your views in life, they should look into your eyes rather than anything lower, and when you pass by them, they should not stare at your receding form.  I believe women’s barely clad bodies should not be used as the front cover to sell adult or cooking magazines.

Teenage girls, or even pre-pubescent girls, should not turn on the TV and aspire to be a celebrity who is solely judged by her body and not by her character.  She should not view herself in the mirror and imagine her body a few inches thinner.  Our younger siblings should not need to go to the bathroom to vomit what they have eaten because their bodies make them feel insecure and lacking in confidence.

A woman should be judged by her character, her morality, her views on life, her intelligence, her undying pursuit for the advancement in this world, her love for every brother, every sister, and every child.  She should be given a right to speak with her words rather than her body.  Her eyes should be igniting with her self-worth rather than ashamed because the current trend of jeans does not fit her body type.

I wear my hijab for every woman who has walked the paths in this world.  I believe in her rights, her freedom, her mind, and the power that lies within.  A woman can change the world.  She can inspire generations.  She can bridge barriers.  I am proud to be a woman.  I am aware of my confidence and my status as a human being.

I know I am beautiful and these are my reasons to wear the hijab.