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The Must-Have Books for Children This Ramadan

The Must-Have Books for Children This Ramadan

I don’t remember reading any Islamic-themed children’s books when I was a child, let alone any Ramadan-related books. I am so thankful that now there are tons of amazing books for children that are Ramadan and Eid related for parents to read to their kids.
To prepare for the upcoming season, I compiled a list of some of my favorite books for your little ones.  Hit the flip to check them out!

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  • There are many others on the topics of Eid and Ramadan. A problem for Muslim authors is that people don’t buy their books and they go out of print. I’ve been buying books since the 1980s for my kids, for mosque and Islamic school libraries, and now for my grandchildren. There have been some good and poor books printed over the years. But a continual problem is not enough consumers to support the book market. Teen fiction for Muslim kids is probably the hardest niche to market

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