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These Muslims Made Friends at a Trump Rally, and It’s Going Viral

These Muslims Made Friends at a Trump Rally, and It’s Going Viral

They say the truth is stranger than fiction, and the old adage proves true yet again in this viral video that’s making rounds on the ‘net.
Peace House posted this video where a few Muslims attended a Trump rally (totally satirical, of course), and what happened next is shocking.  They didn’t get shot by bullets dipped in pigs’ blood, nor were they assaulted by overly enthusiastic Trump fanboys.  Instead, they made friends.
Check it out for yourself above.

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  • “Peace House posted this video where a few Muslims attended a Trump rally (totally satirical, of course), and what happened next is shocking. They didn’t get shot by bullets dipped in pigs’ blood, nor were they assaulted by overly enthusiastic Trump fanboys. Instead, they made friends.”
    Stockholm Syndrome! Looks stupid too. Effeminate and stupid. This idiot needs to go out and see what is being done to Muslims, Muslim families and Muslim countries around the world. Once he picks up little fingers, scraps eye balls off a wall, entrails entangled in trees and bushes…when he smells the urine, feces, abdominal contents misting, the red mist of blood and burnt flesh after a hellfire strike on a school, a hospital. Collateral damage!
    You have seen noting yet you cultural Hindoo, trailer trash slummy, Gestapo cheerleader. Wait till Trump takes command. Wait till jack booted thugs come knocking at your bedroom door in the middle of the night, kicking it in…#@$%!you up as they have done in Iraq and Afghanistan, over and over again. Till then make friends and influence people all you want. Enjoy, you hedonistic sacrificial lamb. Have fun, make friends till the day…the butcher comes calling!

  • @Ilisha: “You’re making my point for me with your comments.”
    Good, if I am making points for you. I like that. I have always liked that. Making points for you, that is. You are smarter than I am. Grappling with you, catch as catch can, has its own rewards, though. Points, I mean. But while we are fencing, do tell me what is your point? Is censor, delete, banning when you have not the ability to make a point, your point?
    And how often have you lied that you don’t ban. That you can’t ban. But you lied. You know what that makes you? A liar. You are a liar, the anti-thesis of a Muslim. The ultimate test of Kufur! Takhyyia much? You are not a Muslim. But Muslims already knew that. Now the non-Muslims, the Christians, and the Atheists do to.You turned out to be a hypocrite non-believer. The cursed of Allah, trying to fool Allah and His believers. Banning when you have no argument is your best argument. So sorry for you ‘Ilisha’. I guess I overestimated your intelligence, character and personality. My bad!
    I’d rather make points with you than against you. I have no intention of making points against you even if I could. That would be pyrrhic. Don’t you think?
    So what is your point, ‘Ilisha’? Banning me and removing all my comments from your site, is that it. Your cutting and running from HP should have been a clue to you lack of backbone, character and moral fiber. After all the support I gave. You indeed have no guts, no integrity and no shame. Explains a lot about what so many have said about you. I did not believe, did not want to believe.
    So is banning me from your site when truth is out, is that your argument? Your point is to but slander and abuse, is that it? Is that all you can do, lie and abuse. Is that your point? What a shame that now you have your hubby Jackal abusing me after you have banned me and removed all my comments from your site…is that you point? Is that how you hide him under your skirts? What an expose! Your banning me for NO reason but him, explains it all.
    When Munna told me I did not believe him. When Krishna told me that you have been around the block more often then most, I did not believe him. BTW Krishna has a lot on you. Will be meeting him later in the year in Dubhi, on another business, I had promised to invest in if he kept quite about you. I guess that does not matter now. Should be an interesting meeting, beyond the financial. Don’t you think. Now that you have acknowledged all that he had on you yourself I have to believe him, Munna too. BTW Any kids? Divorced, menopausal as Krishna said? Are you going to come out of Loonwatch and abuse MuhammadPBUH again? Good luck with that now. You will need it. You are the cursed of Allah. Karma is surely on your tail. You with your Hindoo ‘associations’ surly know what that means. It s a double whammy!
    Good girl, but you lost it just when I thought you were doing so well. What a loss. But lies can be hidden only for so long. Truth will out. It always does. Those who slander Prophet Muhammad will never prosper. They are the cursed of Allah. If you were a Muslim, you would know.
    What a shame!

    I cannot pray for you anymore. Can’t even say peace be upon you anymore. Allah has forbidden that for a hypocrite taqiyyia. Just know that you are the enemy now. Enemy of Islam and all Muslims. I don’t owe you anything anymore. Your lies, abuse and slander of The Prophet have wiped the slate clean. You are the Cursed of Allah and cursed of all Muslims.
    Yet one more time. For old times sake. In remembrance, in parting. And because I can’t be anything but be me:
    I still wish you well.
    Be well. Be safe.

      • I have no idea. I have absolutely no idea what happened. Everything seemed to be going well, then she sudden upped and banned me. Removed al my posts from Loonwatch and some of hers too, the ones she had to me.
        I don’t get it.
        You will have to figure this out for me.

        • Okay, I will check it out after work. In the meantime you take it easy. Don’t fret about it. May be it had nothing to do with you. I recall she did the same thing to her own account at HP. Seemed like self mutilation to me but I did not go into it as she recovered rapidly thanks to your support and HSkole’s.

          • No problem. No hurry. I have things to do too. Walk along the beach with my folks. Wrestle and race with my little nephew and niece. They never let up. Totally indefatigable. And we have those fat tire bikes. Good for a solitary ride on the sand, along the waters edge. Will see how far can I go. Will try to circle the Island. Sort of meditate and think things over along the way. Then there is a conference in Vancouver. May be will go there, maybe not.
            A few more days, then back to Dubai for a while. Things to do. People to meet. Will feel a little lonely at first, among all those people. But will get over it fast enough. You take care.
            And thanks.

          • Her profile is on private. I will go through yours then their archives. I will have to do it into the week end, in between my other activities so will take a while. May be into the week end to figure out what happened. She had a good relationship going with you, I recall. Sort of opening up to you, shyly and hesitantly. I could see that.
            She seemed happy and content to have you back into her life. So how did the communication breakdown. What gives, what happened. She may be sad, depressed, self mutilating that’s what I fear most.
            You should think of her and pray for her. Everyone is alive so nothing is lost. As long there is life there is hope. She will be back again. She likes you. She needs you. I saw it for myself in her interactions with you. She was shy with you. With some one with her strong aggressive personality this is big. You are in her mind. This I can tell. I see these things, deal with them many a day in my work
            Tell me how you feel. Is she talking to you? Did she tell you not to talk to her, angry, things like that? When are you going back to Dubai?
            Take care.

          • A bit sad and introspective, thoughtful. No she did not fight or be angry with me. That she agreed with that guy who was telling her no to talk to me in a taunting sort of way. She then just closed the account. Deleted it. Along with her own posts to me. Like she did in HP.
            I think another person told her not to talk to me. Incredibly she was very submissive and docile with him. I have been wondering what that means. What it was all about.
            Hard to consider her broken by him. He is not much. A middle aged slimy old man from India. Uncouth vulgar lout. Abused me too. Told her not to talk to me quite a few times before she did. As if she did not really want to.

          • Sorry I could not get back to you earlier. Don’t worry about what people say. There is much more to what is not said. I have been reading around a bit. The accounts are on private, items deleted. So it takes a awhile.
            Fill in the details for me, exchanges, your side too, those have been deleted. I will take a look. In the meantime, as I said before, don’t beat yourself about it. There is a bond between you two. Its not going away. She reacts to you, a bit impulsive, but its all good. .
            Let me see the details and I’d take another look. I deal with such as part of my job. Workup, thesis. Learn from it. Its a two way.

          • I will look them up. Paste them for you. Been busy catching up with family. Relaxing and hectic at the same time. I will get back to you as soon as I can.
            Good to hear from you. Thank you, Melissa.

  • Hello.I’m a student of Shantou University in China and major in Journalism.We want to know that Muslim Americans’ opinions on Trump’s slogan that ban all Muslim travel to U.S..Could you tell me your ideas?Thanks a lot!

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