#MuslimGirlProbs Roundup: Molly White, Michelle Obama, Buzzfeed…

So, we’ve been low-key letting you in on #MuslimGirlProbs we’ve been feeling here and there, and you were really into it. Some of y’all were even like PREEEEACH SISTA! :raised_hands: You already know our biggest #MuslimGirlProbs of them all is, you know, this little ongoing battle we like to call FIGHTING FOR OUR VOICE? TRYING TO GET RECOGNIZED? NOT BEING TALKED ABOUT/OVER/AROUND?  HELLO, IS THIS THING ON?

We decided to put #MuslimGirlProbs on blast, front and center — with a weekly roundup of headlines, stories, events, or situations that could not possibly deserve a better response from Muslim women than “SMH.” Consider this our own mini media watch. We got our eyes on you. :eyes:

How does it feel to be a problem?

Week of 1/25/15:

See you next week, unfortunately.