#MuslimGirlFire: 6 Muslim Creatives You Should Know

As we continue our journey discovering and rediscovering amazing women who keep this crazy world moving, we focus today on the creative side of empowerment. Check out these 6 creative female powerhouses who are making their mark in the world of art.

1. Bayadir Mohamed, Sudanese-American Author

You have to check out Bayadir’s first book, Secondhand Smoke, which is a compilation of poetry and prose where she examines the struggles and triumphs of a Black Muslim Sudanese woman immigrating to America. Bayadir, an American and Sudanese refugee, connects with her readers who can relate to the diaspora, as well as those who want to understand the struggle. To read more of our interview with her, click here.

2. Salma Arastu, Islamic Artist

Salma was born into a Hindu family and embraced Islam later in life. Through her love of all things artistic, she discovered and now a contributor of Islamic art. She is also an author! To read more about Salma, click here.

3. Kulsum Tasnif, Graphic Artist and Political Commentator

Kulsum is a graphic artist and a political commentator through her art. She’s inspired so many through her ability to paint the picture of what is going on in the world through her vision, inspiring all those who come across her work. To read more about Kulsum, click here.

4. Rafia Shafiq, Reviving the Art of Phulkari

Rafia is an artist and the founder of Dhaga Art, a small business that promotes the unique Phulkari embroidery style of Pakistan and India. She says that every piece she creates has a story and a meaning to her. To learn more about Rafia, click here.

5. Krewella, Musical Sister Act Duo

Love music? So do we. Love the idea of a Pakistani-American sister duo who make music together? Uh, yes, please! Yasmine and Jahan Yousaf, under the name of Krewella, unapologetically challenges deeply entrenched cultural norms and stereotypes. To read more about Krewella, click here.

6. Maliha Abidi Abbas, Artist Bringing Light to Pakistani Women’s Plight

Maliha has been creating art for as long as she can remember, but started her professional career as an artist in 2012. Her latest empowering work is a set of illustrations and narratives entitled, “Pakistan for Women,” which is a series of 50 portraits of noteworthy Pakistani women with the groundbreaking stories. It will inspire you to reach for your dreams. To read more about Maliha, click here.