#MuslimGirlCampfire: Read All About My Pet From Beyond!

Gather around the campfire, #MuslimGirlClique, as we countdown to Halloween with the spookiest stories our girl gang has to offer! Check back on the daily to jump in fright to a new story every day…

You know that feeling when you awaken to consciousness from deep sleep, but you’re still in that foggy semi-unaware state-of-mind? Well, I would usually be awoken to that state every time my cat would jump onto my bed in the middle of the night, purr really loudly, and eventually curl up next to my leg and keep me super-warm through the night.

This happened every night, filling me with a feeling of warmth and comfort. Is there anything purer than the love and comfort offered by a pet? I certainly didn’t think so. Until one night in particular. On this night, I was conscious enough to remember something: that our cat had died several months ago, and I was habitual about keeping my doors closed at night so nothing would be able to get in.

When I remembered this, I instantly became wide-awake with fear, and froze in place as I could still feel the cat on the bed, and hear it purr. I suddenly used my legs to kick the cat off the bed, and heard a loud thunk as it fell to the floor. I scrambled to the light which was at the edge of the bed, and turned it on as fast as I could. There was nothing there.

Needless to say, I was shaken. And what’s worse, I was losing entire nights worth of sleep because happened repeatedly. I thought I was going crazy, but eventually decided to discuss my problem with my family. Two of my younger brothers were shocked to learn about it because the same thing was happening to them! They just thought they were going crazy as well.

We moved shortly after.

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