Successfully Crowdfunds $25,000 for Ramadan of the Muslim Girl

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this moment that I finally get to say these three words: “We did it!” “We love you!” And, most importantly, “I believe it.”

We successfully raised our collective goal of $25,000 to make this year the Ramadan of the Muslim Girl: to empower our mission of becoming the first mainstream media network by and for Muslim women. Even more important to us than the funds are the people they came from: over 300 of you, both online and offline, who gave whatever you could to support our cause. We’ve even been backed by revolutionary organizations like The Malala Fund and the first-ever Grassroots Iftar in Washington, D.C.! To say we’ve been humbled by such an outpouring of love is an understatement.

We came to you with our first crowdfunding campaign to honestly ask for your help and trust that you would see us through. We asked you to make this your vote for millennial Muslim women everywhere. It looks like the people have spoken.

I speak on behalf of our entire staff when I say, thank you — and we simply CANNOT. WAIT. to continue causing trouble and making you all proud.