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These Healthy Snack Bars Made With Black Seeds Are Delish!

The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that black seeds cure everything but death.
Inspired by this hadith, a young Muslim woman, Zobaida Falah (25),  decided to create healthy snack bars made with black seeds and other wholesome ingredients like honey, almonds, and coconut, launching her own nutritional bar company (CURE M.) filled with super foods, including the famous black seeds.
Since the company is in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio, I decided to pay Zobaida Falah a visit and try her products. They were DELICIOUS! The best part was that my three-year-old loved them, too, so this has become our family’s new go-to snack. Also, since Ramadan is coming up, we are always on the search for quick suhoor eats during those days of waking up late and with only five minutes to eat and drink something.
Muslim Girl interviewed Falah to learn more about her new nutritional bars. Read more about them below.
Muslim Girl: Why is this nutritional bar different from other bars out there?
Zobaida Falah: The CURE Bar is a part of our CURE Hunger campaign. It is an all natural, no sugar, no preservative snack bar. It is made with ingredients that I eat everyday and feel everyone else should too. It’s a durable healthy snack that anyone can enjoy to replace starchy, fat filled snacks. CURE Bars are different than other snack bar companies because we sweeten our bars with honey alone! We also include an ingredient that has never been used in the snack bar industry, the black seed. Lastly, for every bar purchased, we give away a bar to a person in need.
MG: What are some health benefits of black seeds?
ZF: We do not make any medical claims, however, we encourage people to do their own research on all of our natural ingredients.
MG: Where can you purchase the bars and how much do they cost?
ZF: CURE Bars can be purchased through our online store www.cureyourworld.com. We are currently working with retailers to get them into stores across the nation. A single bar retails for $1.99, however, a box of 12 CURE Bars is for sale for $19.99.