Now There’s a Muslim Version of Adele’s ‘Hello’

For all the Muslim guys and girls who love Adele but just cannot connect with her new song “Hello,” Omar Esa’s got a new cover of the song you’re bound to love. When I was first introduced to this version by my dearest friend, I was obsessed. This song has the most beautiful twist to it — focusing on the love between ourselves and our Lord — which is obviously more important than an old crush.
This is by far my favorite version of this song. Just read these lyrics:

Hello from the outside,
I will never say goodbye.
My lord I love you, for everything that you’ve done,
You saved me from life,
It doesn’t tear me apart anymore.

So if the halal police is after you for listening to Adele, give them a listen of this. They might just change their minds…
In the words of Omar Esa, “There is only one true relationship we should worry if we lose touch with in life!”
Cannot agree more.