Loubna Lafquiri: Muslim Mother of Three Dies in Brussels Attack

The brutal terrorist attacks in Brussels on March 22, 2016, left 35 people dead and nearly 300 wounded. Among the innocent victims, who reigned from various countries, is Loubna Lafquiri, a Belgian-Moroccan mother of three boys.
Lafquiri, a loved teacher at an Islamic school in Brussels, did not arrive to work on Tuesday, which concerned teachers at the school because she normally arrived on time and traveled to work via the metro.
Later that day, her sister confirmed her death. She was among the victims of the attack on the Maelbeek subway station.
Her brother-in-law, Hamid Bachir, posted a brief message on Facebook somberly stating, “She is not on the list of survivors.” His post garnered numerous comments of condolences and prayers.
The secretary-general of the Muslim Schools Association in Brussels, Mohamed Allaf, told Al Jazeera, “We can’t be anything but angry and reject the beliefs of these people who claim to be Muslims,” adding, “There is no religion in the world that advocates killing human beings.”