A Muslim Man in Queens Needs Surgery After Being Attacked Outside of the Mosque

Ramadan will be starting off with surgery for one Muslim man in Queens, New York.

Mohamed Rasheed Khan, 59, was leaving the Center for Islamic Studies on Jamaica Avenue in Queens this past Wednesday when he was attacked outside of the mosque.

He’s since been hospitalized with a concussion, and face and rib fractures, and is scheduled to undergo surgery at Jamaica Hospital Center today.

Police are believed to be looking for three possible suspects, and CAIR-NY is asking the horrific attack be investigated as a hate crime.

Khan’s wallet, watch, and bicycle weren’t taken from him, and the three suspects were seen laughing as they were leaving the scene.

CAIR-NY’s Executive Director, Afar Nasher, is urging that the NYPD look into this as a hate crime.

“Because of the location of the attack outside a mosque, the Islamic attire of the victim, and because nothing was stolen by the alleged attackers, we urge law enforcement authorities to investigate a possible bias motive for this troubling incident,” he said.