This Muslim Makeup Artist’s Transformations Will Blow Your Mind

Through famous Youtubers like Promise Tamang and Kandee Johnson, we’ve been exposed to the power of makeup as tools of transforming into characters like we’ve never seen before. We’d like to dedicate this post to the Malaysian “Supermom” @QueenofLuna — a hijabi who has taken Instagram by storm through her own insane transformation skills.
For the little kid in all of us, she gave us her own take on our favorite Disney princesses, also incorporating the hijab as a part of her costume!

Ariel and Mulan



Alice and Tinkerbell



Belle and Jasmine



She even hooked it up with our favorite Disney villain…



And for the DC Comics people, she didn’t forget you!


This one is especially meaningful to me because I love Naruto! What a creative way to incorporate turban tying to anime hair!



The resemblance has left us speechless. Which one is Kylie?!

Kylie Jenner

She doesn’t only do characters and celebrities. Her galaxy inspired makeup look is just too beautiful not to include in this list of transformations.
As far as makeup transformation queens go, QueenofLuna makes the top of the list. A great big shoutout to this hijabi sista for breaking down misconceptions about the hijab being limiting in fashion and creativity!
Make sure you follow her on Instagram @QueenofLuna!