Muslim Girl Editor Talks Allyship & Pluralism at March in Kentucky

Muslim Girl’s very own Managing Editor, Maysoon Khatib, is an example of a rarity who is progressive and accepting — both virtually and in real life. This woman not only talks the talk, but also proudly walks the walk.

On Saturday, Jan. 21, Maysoon spoke at the March for Social Justice and Equality in Murray, Kentucky on behalf of not just Muslim women, but all people — and emphasized the importance of unity in a community by discussing fear of identities through both her humor and personal experiences. By informing us of three things one can do to remain an ally, she encourages communities to rise up and speak out against any oppressors together.

Through this video, we are reminded by her words that we’re not here to ask for tolerance. We don’t need you to tolerate us. We are here to ask for pluralism — because you can believe in what you want to believe — but let us believe in what we want to believe!