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New Nordest Brand Offers Modest Clothing by Muslim Designer Ghalia Elsolh

New Nordest Brand Offers Modest Clothing by Muslim Designer Ghalia Elsolh

Muslim fashion designer Ghalia Elsolh recently launched her own brand, a minimalistic yet capturing clothing line called “Nordest,” meant for all women regardless of size or background.

If you are someone who’s interested in obtaining versatile, modern pieces that can be dressed up or down, and adapt to work and leisurely environments, then this brand has a lot to offer.

Elsolh’s vision takes on a new meaning to what it means to give yourself direction. The brand is dedicated uniqueness and at the same time displays unity. Whether you are a mother, career-oriented woman or both, Nordest has comfortable and stylish pieces for you to wear. Their first collection will feature a range of pastel and beige-centered colors, proving for the pieces to be easy to style. A-line blouses with tailored-capes, all-white pieces including a jacket and dress set prove the brand to be sleek and sophisticated.


My personal favorite piece from this initial collection is the lilac blouse with an extended sleeve and built-in cape. The blouse is solid-colored which makes it easy to pair with denim or printed trousers, depending on the occasion. But what truly stands out to me is the cape. This sets the blouse apart from what you can find in retail stores and adds an extravagance to the outfit that you cannot just find anywhere. The exclusivity of these designs originates from a place of independent and meaningful thinking.

Whether you are a mother, career-oriented woman or both, Nordest has comfortable and stylish pieces for you to wear. 

Not only that but, this level of craft is evident in the quality of the clothes. The material is soft, comfortable on the skin and flexible to wear. If you need to shuttle from one place to another all day for a 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. workday, comfort is key. Running errands, looking after children, going to an event- some of our daily tasks require us to look a bit more put-together than others. But if you could have the comfort you need and look put together, wouldn’t that make getting dressed that much easier?

As a Muslim woman, hearing of a brand designed and created by another Muslim woman means an incredible amount to me. Since middle school, I haven’t been able to always necessarily wear what I want. Whether the pieces don’t fit right, the material is too thin – the problems were endless.

I was born and raised in American and not always shopping from a market that took me and my wardrobe needs into consideration when putting styles out there. But now, with brands like Elsolh’s, it’s possible. This is not Zara, this is not Banana Republic. This is not Express or any of the other large cooperation-owned brands that have hundreds of locations and endless resources. This is Elsolh’s independent vision, something that makes it truly unique.

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Take the time to find small businesses and see what they have to offer.

It’s crucial to remember that amongst our population of seven billion people there are countless designers, entrepreneurs and genuinely talented individuals, hardly any of which receive the recognition they deserve. Take the time to find small businesses and see what they have to offer.

Whether you’re someone who likes to spend a lot of time on what you wear and consider yourself a trendsetter or you’re someone who wants an easy method to update your wardrobe – I can guarantee that small businesses can give you what you need.

Check the brand out for yourself at You won’t regret it.

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  • reminds me of a story. I visited Iran and as you probably guess the streets are covered in black, courtesy of the enforcement of the moped and motorcycle riding Revolutionary Guards enforcing the clothing regs and rules. However while at the Persepolis tourist site, a group of 5 Iranian approached me and my tour guide, they were all cloaked and covered (no face veils!) and started chatting,,,,I was pretty surprised, as you know I am an old white geezer, and my Iranian tour guide slightly older,,,but maybe they were desperate for foreign contact,,,finally one of them said, “Which one of us do you like the best?” You can imagine my reaction???? Am I just another typical male chauvinist pig?… So when they said that they almost all whipped off their black cloaks……….to reveal what they were wearing underneath…..can you imagine????? (So, I was so touched by their behavior,,,,I thought of them as the same age as our daughters….sort of innocent, and sort of materialistically brain=washed…but not too bad,,,after all they were kind to me……lol…I hid my smile and tried to look pleased or serious) they were wearing various versions of fairly conservative women’s fashion. nothing at all too daring…..compared to other teenage Iranian rebels. So I supposed that had to choose one of them on the spot….I chose one…she was the one wearing the same as her outer black cloak….you know a black full length dress head to toe..they asked me why? I said one word…”Modesty”. the point I thought of is that a woman can be very attractive in modest dressing, What would attract me,,,or what did attract me to my Japanese wife was her……….personality…..and intellect…..really!

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