[CLOSED] MTV Docu-Series Featuring Practicing Muslim Girl

Salamu alaikum everyone,

MTV is making a new documentary series featuring the different lifestyles of various teenagers living in America, and they’re interested in showcasing the life of a practicing Muslim girl! The documentary is aimed at breaking stereotypes and showing what Muslims are really all about. This is a great step towards bringing Islam into the mainstream and clearing the rampant misconceptions about our religion in our society. The real Islam will have the chance to be in the spotlight, and change millions of peoples’ perception of it, as well as educate them about what it truly stands for.

Seeing as how this is a great opportunity to highlight the beauty of Islam, we need a young Muslimah that is willing to represent our religion accurately to the world. She would have the opportunity to open minds and break down barriers by demonstrating the peaceful religion of Islam the proper way. As a Muslim community, we need someone to step up for this chance who practices their religion in their everyday life, is knowledgeable about it, and has a powerful and inspirational story.

The network will need complete access to the Muslim girl’s life for eight days between now and August. They want to capture something interesting happening in the girl’s life that’s worth filming. If you’re interested, email us with “Documentary Series” as the subject so you can be provided with more information.