Ms. Marvel Kicks Pamela Geller’s Ass in Racist Advertisements

It wasn’t too long ago that I shared with you my absolute love and adoration for Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel, the newest and coolest member of the Marvel Comics universe. Upon first reading Ms. Marvel’s comics, which are still making great sales, I knew on some level she’d be the character that changed things for young Muslim comic fans. But — damn! — now our girl is taking things a step further.

She is now kicking Pamela Geller’s ass by taking on the Freedom Defense Initiative’s racist bus campaign. AFDI, notable Muslim-hater Pam-Pam’s brainchild, purchased bus ads in San Francisco, again, to promote Islamophobia and associate Islam with Nazism.

Luckily, the bigotry busters of Bay Area Art Queers Unleashing Power and Street Cred were on it. By enlisting the help of our Muslim super-heroine and “love-bombing” the hate ads with hearts and heroes, they used the power of art to combat the forces of evil! This counter attack could not be more genius if it tried. To quote Beyonce, “Flawless!”

Not only is this response smart and culturally relevant, it’s peaceful. It shows that the Muslim community is not going to fall into the traps of hate speech. You can hate us and derail us all you want, but that doesn’t mean we need to stoop to such a level. I tip my hijab to this badass team of bigotry busters.

I’m absolutely ready to live in a world where a comic book character will represent Muslims rather than ISIS. Sign me up.

Images by Street Cred.