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Poem: Move

Poem: Move

Blood boiling
Churning in my veins
Over and over inside and out
Gut squeezed
Lungs caved

They’re back
The Nazis are back.

Truth be told they’d never
But here they are in open daylight

Angry eyes
Shouting opened mouths

My blood turns and turns
Freezes and heats
Thought I’d only see them
In black and white

But here they are in full HD color
Red flags raging
Symbols snaking
Raised to beat and skewer

The KKK without their hoods
Not bothering to hide
They don’t need to

Marching Marching Marching

And I am frozen
Pillow over my face
Shut it out
Quietly mourning
My blood a toiling river
Feet hot cold hot cold

I feel it like an illness
Crawling along my body
Can’t ignore it
Can’t ignore
Won’t ignore
This is an organized group
Their prowess well-documented

You fear terrorist cells
Well-connected shooters
Weaponized cars
Well here they are
It’s staring you in the face
You CHOOSE to turn away

Known it in our bones
Knowledge running in our blood

See Also

Why did they have to come out in full regalia for you to know?

Look no further
Heather Heyer lost
That driver slammed into human beings
Look no further
His people were behind him
His people marching with him
Insurgents marching with pride
Don’t worry his group is screaming
Telling you who they are
You can arrest them now
go on

Driving their detested flag into the soil
Into his body
Deandre Harris
Head bashed body thrashed
Bleeding head bleeding heart
They showed you who they are
Arrest them
Go On

We’re waiting for you to follow through on those words you’ve scratched
onto our souls
terrorists terrorists terrorists
Say their name
Terrorist Terrorist Terrorist
Dan Borden Michael Ramos
______ ______ ______ ______
Terrorist Terrorist Terrorist

Arrest them
Arrest their movement
Arrest yourselves for a moment
Face it
Face it
Stop turning away

Turn inward and         O
Exorcise                         R
Hate                                   E
Greed                                   T
This trash                              U
Incinerate it                              R

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  • Most Muslims tend not to differentiate between truth and illusion. What is real and significant, what are propaganda lies is lost on them. Perhaps the inbreeding and problems with thought processing.

    You see Nazi around you, and white supremacists … whatever that is. But those suffocating you are not Nazi, they never were. But the Zionists did and still do. They are sucking life and blood. Ask the Palestinians who are being plundered, tortured, murdered, raped, imprisoned and experimented on with genocidal intent.

    It is your life blood and treasure … and of all Americans that is being sucked dry by International Jewry. Either you are totally unaware of your surroundings, deaf and dumb to facts or all around stupid. But then you may just be one of them the ‘Chosen People’. And the rest of us Goyim, cattle and sheep, created for your amusement, to appease you and feed you, work for you and die for you, for your peace progress and pleasure.

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