Sisters, We Need ‘Mood Hijabs’

This is the story of an average everyday Muslim girl professing her need — as well as the hijabi world’s need — for the absolute invention of… Mood Hijabs. Yes, you read that right. Mood Hijabs.

It starts like this. One day, I wasn’t in such a great mood. In fact, I was in a terrible mood — so terrible that anyone that would dare approach me that day with a big smile and wonderful attitude would be in for the ultimate letdown. And, of course, that is exactly what happened. See, I know that when I’m in a terrible mood, I must avoid everyone and everything. So, wanting to be in complete solitude that bright and sunny day, I sat by myself in the student center tapping away on my laptop, trying to take my mind off things. An hour later, however, one of my close friends decided to stop by. Let’s call her Justina for now. So, Justina stops by my table with her bubbly attitude and goes, “OH MAH GAWD NOURA GUESS WHAT?? I JUST GOT THE IPHONE 5!”

Now, if I wasn’t in such a terrible mood, I would have rejoiced with her and probably repeated her proclamation even louder, so that the whole world would know of her new iPhone 5. But, I didn’t. Instead, smart me decided to shut her down with one word replies like, “Oh.” “Great.” “Wonderful.” Then, to top it all off, smart me decided to forcefully end the conversation with, “I really don’t care right now Justina, I kinda just want to be alone right now, alright? So just go.” Her face changed. She looked at me as if I had just stabbed her in the heart. And to add to my already settling guilt, she replied, “Oh, sorry to bother you then,” and left abruptly with what appeared to be a very sad, shocked expression on her face. Nevertheless, I did fix the situation; I apologized to her and explained to her that my mood that day prevented me from feeling the slightest bit of joy, thus leading me to act like a giant butt-head.

However, after this little mishap, an idea hit me. An idea that would help hijabis all around the world. An idea that would change lives. An idea that would… well, you get what I mean. Just think about it: there are mood rings, mood necklaces, and maybe even mood shirts. Those articles of clothing convey their wearer’s current emotion to an onlooker without having to say, “I’m feeling great/horrible/calm.” So, how about adding Mood Hijabs to the list? Think about it. It would work the same way any other mood piece would work, and the colors could be the same, too. Just imagine – you no longer have to say anything, your hijab will do the talking. (About time right?) Consider how convenient it would have been if Justina walked into the student center, spotted my ‘black’ (tense, overworked) hijab, and just greeted me and walked away knowing that I obviously wasn’t in the mood to talk because my hijab was black.

So I think I’ve tired you enough with my oh so convincing rant and by now you probably see my point and are nodding your beautifully wrapped head in agreement. I think if Mood Hijabs really did exist, my hijab color would probably be orange right now. What would yours be?