Monday Motivation: Why You Shouldn’t Skip That Workout Today

The moment you don’t reach your fitness goals is when you’re almost there! You keep scrolling through social media and you see people who have already achieve that goal, why don’t you use that for the motivation to keep going?
If they did it, you can too! Would they have been there if they quit? Always remember that something worth having will never be easy. You will have to go through trial and error before you get it right!
If you’re not used to exercising and you want to start getting in the best shape possible, don’t feel as though you need change right away because people who do that tend to go back to their bad habits. It’s all about mastering one step at a time like the stages of our life.
A baby doesn’t run before it learns how to crawl. You have to finish one step to move to the next and gradually build yourself up! If you find yourself having trouble staying committed to the gym then I advise you to start taking a walk every day.
Then when you master that and you’re in a routine, start decreasing the amount of sugar you consume. When you master that, move on to the next. You’ll be achieving your goal in no time!
You have be patient and be consistent! Be determined! Work hard and never give up!