We Are Living for These 6 Modest Runway Collections at NYFW

Hijabs, brightly colored modest dresses, sustainable efforts, and inclusivity — this was the scene at this year’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW) as rising Indonesian Muslim designers took the runway by storm with their powerful and elegant modest wear. While the widely anticipated, biannual shows of fashion week are an astounding opportunity for models and designers globally to showcase their designs, it hasn’t been until recent years that we’ve seen more Muslim/hijab representation in such events. 

On Sept. 12, 2016, Indonesian designer Anniesa Hasibuan made her debut at the NYFW runway, “as the first hijabi designer featured,” and “the first-ever designer to have all her models wear headscarves on the runway.” This year, six female Indonesian designers made their modest (and sustainable) collection debut. Here are some of our favorite looks from the shows: 

1. kami

Kami was discovered by creative directors Istafiana Candirini, Afina Candirini, Nadya Karinamarks as they presented their “Charaka Collection” which takes inspiration from Kain Tapis, a form of wraparound skirt that contains various patterns, and embellishments. 

2. AM

Sustainable brand by Anggiasari Mawardi focuses on utilizing eco-friendly textiles and rejected denim materials into stunning modest outfits in beige and blue color patterns. The name of the collection was called “Komorebi,” a Japanese term to describe sunlight shining through leaves or trees. The brand also showcased some of their 2024 pieces. 

3. Nada puspita

Coming in with a more chic and feminine modest collection, Nada Puspita presented her graceful and printed multicolored dresses with matching hijabs, and elaborate sun hats. The collection was called “A Breath of Modesty,” and the mission behind the brand is, “to empower every woman to love and be confident in herself by wearing something that can give a sense of comfort.” 

4. Buttonscarves

Butonscarves’ runway collection “The Dream Capsules” by Linda Anggrea, combines contemporary looks with a modest approach. With a subtle color palette, the fashion brand presented scarves and handbags as accessories, and monogram prints to make a statement in one’s attire and wardrobe.

5. zeta privÉ

Trisha Chas’ “The Talking Point” collection brings modesty and the atmosphere of New York to one place. With vibrant and subtle colors, luxury dresses, and blazers combine elegant classics with an edge of American street-style fashion. 

6. basundari x bt batik trusmi

The last Indonesian show scheduled for NYFW was a collaboration between creative designers Ayu Dyah Andari, Sally Giovanny, and Giovanny’s husband. The three worked together to design modest wear in bright colors for the arrival of spring and focused on a more “utopian” design approach.