Minnesota House Minority Leader Calls Out White Male Colleagues for Ignoring WOC

Minnesota House Minority Leader Melissa Hortman has had enough of her White male colleagues’ bad habit of ignoring women of color (WOC.) She said as much during a meeting in which House members were debating legislation that would increase penalties for protesters who block major roads.

While several WOC were giving powerful speeches regarding the bill, members of the Republican Party opted to leave the floor and play a game of cards instead. Rep. Hortman was quick to reprimand her colleagues for their actions and was asked to apologize for her comments. Instead of apologizing, however, Hortman said she is “really tired of watching women of color, in particular, being ignored.”

Among the representatives who spoke on the bill was Rep. Ilhan Omar, Minnesota’s newly elected representative and the country’s first Somali-American, Muslim woman to hold an office at this level. Rep. Omar made sure to provide the definition of what racism means in order to dispel any misunderstandings. You have to watch the video to know what I am talking about. It. Was. Amazing!