15 seconds of fame

This is Where You Might Find a “Wallah Bro”

Let’s face it, Wallah Bros are EVERYWHERE! In honor of #WallahBroWednesday, this week I will provide you with a list of locations you may want to steer clear of in order to avoid a Wallah Bro woe.

  • Your local shawarma restaurant, since his family might own the restaurant, let alone work there.
  • Your college’s MSA (Muslim Student Association) chapter. He might show up to the meetings to hang with his brothers.
  • Your local mosque. These boys are in disguise!
  • The hookah bar. Maybe an actual bar?
  • In your own home? Your brother could be a potential Wallah Bro! That’s why you need to take caution not just for other girls, but for the good of you and your family.
  • Online. They are probably drooling over twerking videos and haram policing hijabis. You might even find some of them on YouTube.
  • Anywhere and everywhere!

Basically, avoiding Wallah Bros is inevitable. The only place where Wallah Bros cannot be found is on the moon, but you don’t have to go that far. At least you will have the knowledge so you can be ready to curve them like a bad toss. After all, that’s what #WallahBroWednesday is for!
Do you see any Wallah Bros at any of these locations? Anywhere I missed? Let me know in the comments below!