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Muslim Girl’s Very Own Leah Vernon Takes Adidas

Muslim Girl’s Very Own Leah Vernon Takes Adidas

From a pool of talented artists in the Detroit area, Muslim Girl’s Leah Vernon was chosen to be featured in an ad promoting Adidas’ EQT line. Take a look at what she’s been keeping hush-hush since June, when the brand contacted her to participate.

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In the summer, I alluded to something huge that I was asked to be apart of but couldn’t say until the campaign was officially released. A company on behalf of @adidasoriginals reached out to me in June. At first, I thought it was a complete joke. I thought that someone who didn’t like me was trying to get my hopes up. Why would a company like that reach out to me? I set up a phone meeting, hoping to catch the perp. It wasn’t a joke at all. They chose me out of many, many amazing artists in Detroit to be apart of their launch of the EQT line. I, the Fat, Black Muslim, divorced, poor af, from Detroit, am apart of a national campaign. Myself, along with 12 other artists from around the US, are on the Adidas website, hunnnnnny 💅🏽 Never in a million years would I have ever thought that someone like me would have an opportunity to work with a huge brand like this. And, I’m just getting started 😎😎😎 They asked me to answer this: What does it take to be ESSENTIAL to your community? A: To be essential in your community, you’ve gotta find your truths. Live in it wholeheartedly. And when you’ve found that thing, use it to encourage others, and know that your essentialism doesn’t counteract someone else’s. Biiiiiiiiiiiih! Can’t tell me nothin today 😂 Photo: @j.milhouse #EQT #GiftedByAdidas #detroitblogger #leahvdaily #wiw #psootd #streetstyle #adidasoriginal #bodypositive #effyourbeautystandards #feminism #pizzasisters4lyfe #bgki #turbanista #muslimgirl #fatshion #urbanfashion #plussize #plusmodel #blackgirls #blackgirlswhoblog #blackgirlmagic #feminist #londonblogger #berlinblogger #adidas #psblogger #plusmodel #instastyle #instafashion #denim

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The Adidas advertisement celebrates Leah’s identity as “fat, Black, and Muslim.”

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“Leah recognized very early on that only a certain kind of body type was being celebrated in mainstream media,” the site says. “She uses her body and words to spark conversation in the body positivity movement.”

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Congratulations Leah! We all know that this is just the beginning.

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