The Girls’ Room Recap: 7 Lessons We Learned From #MGFerguson


Dawud: The majority of our imams aren’t born here in America. Many of them have cultural illiteracy. I can tell you in almost 70% of [mosques] in Detroit, like 2/3 of the sermons are not English. They may not even know about what’s been going on in Ferguson. They’re in their own little ethnocentric silos and they have one foot here and one foot back in the old country, and that’s more of a systemic issue.

Linda: Here in New York City, a lot of times when Muslim communities come out, marches or rallies are being led by people like Imam Taleb, Siraj Wahaj — many of them are not young people in that community. There’s a lot of internal discussions that we need to have within our own groups to understand the dynamics that are happening out in the larger community.