The Girls’ Room Recap: 7 Lessons We Learned From #MGFerguson

5. On the intersectionality of race and class in #BlackLivesMatter

Khaled Beydoun (@khaledbeydoun): Racism deserves a lot of the attention, but it also needs to be compounded with a focus on socioeconomics. I grew up in Warrendale in Detroit. Many of the people I speak to outside of the academic context are poor people, and they can empathize with many of the experiences of people in Ferguson — based on economics, in addition to racial stigma, and the exacerbating effect that poverty has on people of color.

Ashley: A lot of these systems that we’re living under have socioeconomic repercussions. But, they were designed to oppress black people, so really realizing that all of our liberation is tied into that: if we break these systems, then, by proxy, everyone else will benefit from that.