The Girls’ Room Recap: 7 Lessons We Learned From #MGFerguson

7. On what allies can do to empower #BlackLivesMatter

Ashley: I think the most important thing is a call that you’ve heard time and time again, which is to follow the black leadership — to allow the people that are most affected to tell you where the change is necessary and where it is needed. I can name at least three times where [Suhad] stepped aside actively without having to be asked to allow space for young black leaders, or just allowing young black people to express their pain, their anger, to express the issues that we’re dealing with.

Do that on larger scales, also following the black leadership, and really keeping in mind that black liberation in America is tied into everyone else’s liberation. So, if black people get free, once again, by proxy, everyone else gets free in America. To realize that we’re not only oppressed by the same systems, but the same people and the same companies, and once we realize that — we realize that, pushed together, we can break these systems together, and it’s not really about who’s in the forefront. And I love all of y’all.