The Girls’ Room Recap: 7 Lessons We Learned From #MGFerguson


Linda: Maybe I’m a hopeless optimist. I’ve seen a lot of progress, and I think Ferguson has ignited a new wave of progress in the Muslim community. I mean ISNA, IQNA, Impact, CAIR, statements, putting out action alerts, being supportive — I mean, there hasn’t really been one national Muslim organization that has was like “Nah, chill, I ain’t touching that Mike Brown thing.”

Khaled: Precisely two months after Ford was killed, a Muslim organization awarded the LAPD co-chief. I’m more concerned with policies than rhetoric to be frank with you…

Ahmad: The vision going forward is for every single member of every single community across the U.S. to feel empowered and emboldened and become their own dream defender. They don’t need to belong to the organization, they can do what Ferguson did and capture all our minds and hearts by simply resisting to the best of their abilities. I think this is a very inspiring moment. This is a real U.S. uprising. It hasn’t reached the levels we all anticipate or hope for, but we’re getting there, and this struggle isn’t easy — it’s something we’re going to have to earn.