MG Eid Care Package Review: Ramadan Energy Bar

I received so many good items in my Muslim Girl Eid Care Package this month, one of my favorites being the Ramadan Energy Bar by Fajr Foods. Although Ramadan is over, many people are fasting the six white days of Shawal and others fast Mondays and Thursdays for whom this bar could come handy. These bars are great even for the average person looking for an increase in energy throughout the day!


Fajr Foods’ website explains more about their bars:

“Ramadan Energy Bar is a unique blend of simple and complex carbohydrates designed specifically to maintain blood sugar for up to 9 hours, giving you energy all day,” it reads. “It’s the ideal nutritional supplement for fasting.”

I had my Ramadan Energy Bar a couple of weeks ago during Ramadan and I loved the taste of it! It tasted delicious, too, so that I felt like I was eating a real chocolate bar — but without all the extra sugar that wouldn’t make me feel sluggish. These bars are sold at $9.99 for a box of four and you can buy them here.

For more information about the science behind the bars, visit their website.