Member of KKK Plotted to Kill Muslims With Radioactive X-ray Machine

Glendon Scott Crawford, a member of the KKK, plotted to kill American Muslims and knowing he could not pull this off alone, enlisted the help of strangers who were undercover law enforcement officers.

According to an article written by The Washington Posthis plan included “building an X-ray machine that would emit lethal doses of radiation that was strong enough to kill Muslims from a distance.” The homemade X-ray machines would be placed in front of mosques and activated while Muslims remained unaware that they’ve been exposed to radiation.

Crawford was found to have been devising this plan for more than four years, since 2012.

Crawford was sentenced to 30 years in a federal prison before he could fully carry out his plan. He was convicted on the grounds of trying to “acquire and use a radiological dispersal device.” The author of the article, Kristine Guerra, states that the actions Crawford took to kill Muslims “violates the dirty bomb statute passed by Congress in 2004,” which was designed to track, recover and store radioactive material that could be used by terrorists.

Crawford was found to have been devising this plan for more than four years, since 2012. Authorities received an anonymous tip that Crawford was involved in suspicious illegal activity after he encountered a Jewish organization and asked for financial support.

Crawford described this device to be ‘Hiroshima on a light switch.’

During that time, he was unknowingly confiding in undercover law enforcement officers regarding the amount of damage this device could create. A peer that Crawford sought assistance from was also found guilty on the charges of “providing material support to terrorists.”

Crawford described this device to be “Hiroshima on a light switch.” During the sentencing process of Crawford’s trial, Judge Gary Sharpe had no words but to inform the criminal that “the conduct is bizarre, as well as he.”

After his 30-year sentence is served, Crawford is said to “be released on a lifetime supervised release.”