Meet Your Newest Internet Obsession: Arab Girl With Sign

Move over “Dude With Sign.” We’ve got a new internet obsession, and she’s the “Arab Girl With Sign!” Here to bless our feeds with placards stating what we’re ALL thinking, “Arab Girl With Sign” is doing it for the culture, and she’s taking no prisoners!

From calling out problematic double standards within her culture to those petty little daily annoyances that irk our nerves, nothing is off limits for this self-declared “stay-at-home-daughter.” Here is a little taste of the bitter, yet hilarious truths “Arab Girl With Sign” has to offer, and be sure to follow her for more:

1. Seriously, I Need Answers:


2. I Feel Attacked: 


3. (Inshallah):


4. Are You Even Arab? 


5. Calories? What Calories?


6. Jackpot: 


7. *Rolls Eyes Forever*:


8. Sorry, Maa: 


9. Sis Got Your Back:


10. Excuse Me, Your Gender Bias Is Showing: