Meet Aditya Tiwari: India’s Youngest Single Father Holds a Unique Wedding

India’s Aditya Tiwari — a software engineer by profession — astonishes everyone by adopting a disabled child and becoming the youngest single father in India. His decision raised many eyebrows, because the child he aspired to adopt, Binny, has Down Syndrome. In addition, Binny has a hole in his heart.
Tiwari’s relatives continuously warned him about his decision and even uttered insulting comments as no girl would desire to marry for the responsibility he plans to take.
The disapproval of his family and relatives notwithstanding, Tiwari resumed his goal. It was not an easy process for him, to say the least.
First, the age required to adopt a child in India was 30 and Tiwari was only 28 at the time. He persistently consulted with the Women and Child Welfare Department (WDC) minister, Manekha Gandhi and Prime Minister’s Office until the minimum age requirement was reduced to 25 in 2015.
Then, Aditya was permitted to adopt Binny from Missionaries of Charity (an orphanage in India) in December, 2015, and the legal paperwork was concluded in January, 2016.
Aditya expressed that he had instantaneously fallen in love with Binny after playing with him for some moments at the orphanage. No one wished to adopt him because of his disorder and heart condition.
Furthermore, he revealed his single mother was his motivation and role model which additionally encouraged him to embrace Binny. After succeeding in his mission of adopting him, Tiwari rechristened Binny to Avneesh.
Seven months later — July 16 — Tiwari decided to get married, and just like his process of adopting Binny, his marriage was heartfelt and inspirational.
Unlike most Middle Eastern wedding which are showered in extravagance, Tiwari chose a simple, yet a touching path. He invited more than 10,000 individuals among whom majority were the homeless, aged and orphans; these people have no one close and thus, they do not receive many invitations. Moreover, Tiwari’s wedding incorporated more than 1,000 stray dogs and animals from nearby zoos.
The marriage was not a jamboree with expensive entertainment, decor and menu; instead, the guests were served plain food. And in the meantime, over 100 trees were planted as means of charity. To finish, the guests were gifted books and medicine to take with them.
Tiwari’s genuine care and love for others and his rejection of materialistic gain is truly heartwarming. May, with the guidance of Allah (SWT), we all garner the willpower to direct ourselves towards paths that reveal and foster our best versions.
Contributed by Sajeela Rehman