Man Accused of Supporting ISIS Because He Wore a Thobe & Spoke Arabic

A Muslim man was handcuffed, had guns pointed at him, and searched…simply because he was wearing a thobe (a long, white traditional dress) and speaking Arabic at a hotel in Avon, Ohio.
The video shows several police officers yelling a the tourist businessman  who was visiting the U.S. for medical treatment, to get down. Police officers took his shoes off, broke his cell phone, and did a full body search on him, after a hotel clerk’s sister called the police because there was a man ““in full head dress with multiple disposable phones pledging his allegiance to ISIS.”
The man complied and followed police orders even though the police gave no explanation so what they were doing and why.
That man was later identified as Ahmed Almenhali from the Emirates.
“You’ve broken my telephone,” the man said.
“Yeah? Well you’ve broken my nail,” replied one of the policemen.
After the police didn’t find anything suspicious, the tourist faints. A paramedic is seen taken the tourist on a stretcher after asking him health-related questions.
The mayor and police chief  issued an apology to the man for wrongfully accusing him of being an ISIS member.
“No one from the police department (wanted) to disrespect you,” Police Chief Richard Bosley told Almenhali. “That was not the intent of any of our officers. It is a very regrettable circumstance that occurred for you. You should not have been put in that situation like you were.”
“There were some false accusations made against you,” Mayor Brian Jensen said. “And those are regrettable. I hope…the person that made those can maybe learn from those.”
Don’t want to get arrest and accused of being a member of ISIS? Don’t wear anything suspicious looking. Jeans and a T-shirt will do. And never speak Arabic in public, either.