Let Us Mourn Our Dead and Condemn Our Killers Equally

We all saw the American media rush to justify the “mentally unstable” actions of white criminals when Elliott Rodger shot up a UC Santa Barbara sorority house. We saw it when James Holmes shot up a movie theater in Colorado. We saw it when Adam Lanza shot up the Sandy Hook elementary school.

But never have I seen the media scramble so desperately to speculate on the reasons for murder like I did today and last night. Seriously? A parking space dispute?

There is no question about the fact that Craig Hicks murdered three Muslim students, three Muslim lives, in an act of pure, disgusting hatred. But the media never bothers with facts, does it?

Of course this tragic incident will be buried under a pile of propaganda. Absolutely nothing about the Chapel Hill shooting scenario adds up in the minds of those who push for Islamophobia.

Craig Hicks is a white, American, atheist murderer.
Deah Barakat is a newly-wed, American Muslim male victim.
Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha is a newly-wed, educated, American Muslim, female victim.
Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha is a 19-year old, educated, American Muslim, female victim.

This doesn’t fit the [ white victim + Muslim killer = Islamic terrorism ] formula that the media has so clearly set for the world. This doesn’t fit the generalizations of Islamic oppression within the Muslim community. This doesn’t fit the profile of the glorified white American male.

Had the mass media presented the facts the way they are, without pinning the murder on Islam, without pinning the murder on insanity — simply reporting that these are three American students many of us can identify with, killed by a white American male many of us can identify with — people might begin to realize something: terrorism has no religion, race, or gender.

But this enlightening realization is exactly what the media is trying so hard to cover up. The first thing I see when mainstream media reports on a Muslim-led attack is a headline with trigger words, “Islam” and “Muslim,” plainly advertised, and an in-depth research article on the religion of the perpetrators. How can this same media fail to address the question of  rising levels of Islamophobia around the world? I mean, this is a new level of hypocrisy.

Piers Morgan, the poster-reporter for collective Muslim blame when it comes to ISIL, and a white male who is in his forties himself  (and has yet to condemn the actions of Craig Hicks) tweeted this today:

Where are the analysis articles on Craig Hicks’ atheism? Where are the reports on the evil roots of atheism, and how we can begin to exterminate the ideology? Where are the statements of condemnation from white men, from atheists, from 40-year olds across the world?

Should we look into Craig Hicks’s blood type and make those with the same type condemn his actions? Maybe his hair color?

Or is it unreasonable for me to expect this collective apology?

Of course it is.

I don’t want anyone to apologize for Craig Hicks except for Craig Hicks himself. The world can stop pointing fingers.

I want everyone to mourn the loss of Deah Barakat, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha for the same reasons I want the world to mourn the loss of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin: for the tragic and unjust losses of human life.


Image by Carlos Latuff