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Lt. Colonel Allen West Posted About Exterminating Muslims on Social Media

Lt. Colonel Allen West Posted About Exterminating Muslims on Social Media

In a recent Facebook post, Lt. Colonel Allen West of the U.S. Army, who also served as a former Florida representative, wrote that the incoming defense secretary will exterminate all Muslims, with an attached meme:


Can we let those words sink in for a minute? Exterminate. In case you didn’t catch on, this is genocide, people. Let’s call it like it is.

The fact that we’re even needing to discuss these idiotic social media posts by representatives of this country (which includes the president-elect) ultimately means that we haven’t progressed much since the 1920’s.

If Allen West’s comments weren’t enough to surprise or upset you, now, Michele Hickford, editor in chief of West’s official website, admitted to posting this without the Congressman’s consent. (It’s so nice when you are in a position to not accept responsibility and pass the blame to someone underneath your position, right?) But that doesn’t change the facts.


Potential Secretary of Defense General James Mattis has countlessly announced his distaste for Muslims, and even if Hickford’s meme may not have been completely corroborated by West, there’s no smoke without fire.

Our country has slowly reverted to intolerance as the norm. We’re normalizing genocide and treating it as a joke. We’re freaking Benjamin-Buttoning, and real life should never be compared to a Brad Pitt movie. EVER.

This is an insult to Muslims. This is an insult to Democrats, to leftists, and proponents of minorities’ rights.

Our country has slowly reverted to intolerance as the norm. We’re normalizing genocide and treating it as a joke.

My soul cycle instructor earlier today told me that when you disagree with people, you should try to look at it from the other person’s perspective. So, let’s consider it from Mad Dog Mattis’ point of view.

He thinks Muslims don’t contribute anything to society and thinks they’re a threat to our safety.

Well, Mad Dog, let me tell you my story: I’m a senior in high school born to an IP attorney and an Orthopedic surgeon. I like to write articles for Muslim Girl, but I also like Math, particularly linear algebra. My favorite color is purple and I play field hockey. I like to celebrate Taco Tuesday every once in a while. I’ve never shot anyone in my life, nor has anyone in my family, and we have no intentions of doing so. Ever.

And my story isn’t uncommon. Let me add to you some significant statistics within my community’s story: 10% of all Physicians in the U.S. are Muslims and “In 2013, the Muslim charity Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) was rated among the top 10 charities in the United States,” according to Chicago Now.

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I’ve even found a nice graphic for you, so you aren’t confused by any big words, Mad Dog. If you’re even feeling up for it, try reading this lovely piece, courtesy of the Washington Post.


I won’t stand for being treated like vermin in the country that I call my home. I won’t let people say they will “exterminate” me and my people like when you Roundup to get rid of the leftover weeds growing in between the cracks of your driveway.

If General James Mattis thinks he or his staff can make these blanket statements directly threatening the lives of the 3.3 million Muslims in America, he’s horribly mistaken.

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  • This is a fake meme!! It doesn’t even make sense that you’re talking about Allen west and the meme has mattis’s name on it.
    Get your facts straight; mattis has a history of caring for Muslim civilians abroad

  • I fail to understand why you do not understand? I will try to make this as simple as I can for everyone to understand. You may have heard this story before and maybe missed the moral.

    A Scorpion is caught in a flood. He seeks high ground, but he finds that he has sought refuge on a high ground that was completely surrounded by water and now the flood waters are rising very quickly and the scorpion realizes he is going to perish. The scorpion was running back and forth along the water line as it rises and the dry ground he is on, is getting get smaller by the second. The scorpion retreats to the highest point to await his fate, when he sees a frog swimming past. Frantically, the scorpion calls out the frog, “Frog, save me!”

    The frog turns and see the scorpion, now stranded on a tiny piece of ground above the raging waters. The scorpion calls out again, “Please Frog, save me or I will die.” The frog turns, and looks at the pathetic
    scorpion with the water now just inches from him.

    Frogs and scorpions are not friends. They have nothing in common and scorpions kill frogs, so why would this scorpion even to ask a frog for help.

    Again the scorpion calls out, “Please Frog, I beg you, please save me!” The frog is determined to swim away to higher ground, but is curious, and turns and says to the scorpion, “Why should I save you Scorpion? You will sting me if I come near you.” The scorpion replies,”Frog, why would I do that?” If I sting you, you will die, but so will I. Please, I don’t want to die.” The frog, thought to himself and felt compassion for the scorpion. The scorpion’s logic was sound and the frog decided, against his deep seated genetic distrust of all scorpions, he was going to save this scorpion. He swam up to the feet of the scorpion, who was now standing on submerged ground and told the scorpion to climb upon his back. The scorpion thanked the frog over and over again as the frog turned and starting swimming across a wide body of water to refuge for the scorpion and rest for the very exhausted frog.

    As the frog was swimming to safety, he was thinking to himself. He is really proud. He was saving an enemy of all frogs, but he was doing the right thing and he thought maybe not all scorpions are evil.

    The thought made the frog feel good inside and he felt a warm feeling coming over him. Just as the frog sensed this warm feeling, the warmth became actual pain, as he realizes the scorpion has stung him.

    The frog feels his body going numb and he is losing control. The frog cries out to the scorpion, “Scorpion, why did you sting me?” The scorpion said nothing. The frog felt himself getting weaker and breathing became difficult. The frog called out one more time, “Scorpion, I am going to drown and you are going to die also. Why would you sting me?” The scorpion then softly replied, “I am sorry Frog, it is my nature.”

    The frog then slowly sank below the water with the scorpion still clinging to his back and within a couple of seconds, the scorpion also disappear under the water.

    I think the moral here is very evident. We have a group of people who, to a greater or lesser degree, all believe exactly the same thing, but some are classified as liberals, moderates, conservatives or just non practicing, etc.

    But the basic tenets which govern every thing they do is still the Quran which embodies the guiding principles of all their lives. Whatever the madman said in his ravings and wrote his uninspired novel, dictates how these people are required to believe and live. It is as if all of them are latently “rabid”. Sooner or later they all actively or passively go mad and want to enslave, kill and rape unbelievers as a right of their supposed faith. (There is only one cure for a rabid dog.)

    Unbelievers are to be sacrificed and are nothing more than objects to be taxed, used, abused and killed and this is a muslim man’s pass to there so called sex-rated paradise. ( women need not apply as paradise is only for men). “I (Mohammed) have seen that the majority of the dwellers of Hell-Fire were women…[because] they are ungrateful to their husbands and they are deficient in intelligence” (Sahih Bukhari:2:18:16 1; 7:62:125, 1:6:301) Only a muslim women would believe this BS. If I seriously proposed this to my wife, I would have to sleep on my stomach the rest of my life. (Whereas, if a muslim women had such thoughts, she would be condemned to hell)

    Knowing the vicissitudes of this so called “faith”, I could never, ever have a muslim as a friend, would never hire one, never invite one to my home, never trust one no matter how secular the person seemed to be.

    For me to do so, would be the same as if I were a frog and allowed a scorpion to ride upon my back.

    PS. Muslim girl, You can thank the only God that your father did not pump 3 bullets in your head while you sleeping. ( Sorry, the father said it was an accident and her brother is backing up the father). Will this good and obedient son see paradise? You tell me.

  • Muslim girl, If you gut all the things you find unacceptable in the Quran because you say it is so often misinterpreted and you reject all the things that the your founder said and was recorded to have done that you personally find unacceptable and disturbing, then what remains? Nothing!
    Your book states that any a nation in which all devotion is not paid to allah alone is a nation at “war” and only nations where all devotion is paid to allah are at peace. If this is true, then what the hell is going on in the all these nations, which are almost entirely muslim and muslims are killing each other daily?
    What kind of legal system requires that a women who is raped have 4 muslim men in good standing corroborate her accusation. What women in islam is willing to accept, that women only have half the intelligence of a man? If she accuses a rapist of rape and the charge is not sustained and the man swears on the Quran he did not rape the women, though he did have consensual sex, then the women can be stoned to death.
    I find this totally unacceptable. Don’t you?
    Find yourself another faith system or none at all. I think you would be better off if you had no faith and just lived a secular, humane life than what you have now, no matter the shade of islam you are willing to accept.
    You either believe all of it, or you believe none of it. You can’t have it both ways. Many true believers of islam, would consider “Muslimgirl” to be no better than infidels; no better than any christian or jew and deserving of the same fate, death.

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