Here are Low-Carbon Workouts for the New Year That Will Save You a Trip to the Gym

(Image/Zehra Allibhai)

New Year is often a time when many of us sit back and give into introspection. We evaluate and generate goals, which may or may not go realized throught the rest of the year. This time of year is prime to develop new and positive habits that encourage us to live a more healthy and active lifestyle.

If you’ve ever walked into a gym in January, you’ll know what I mean. This is when we all have momentum, a clean slate and motivation to smash those goals. But the reality is, the gym is expensive and inconvenient for many of us. Gyms also generate a massive amount of waste–think about all of the resources that go into running the massive spaces. Also, let’s be real: the gym can be boring and monotonous for many of us. Luckily, there are many ways to become active, healthy and fit in ways that are low-carbon and don’t require gym attendance.

1. Incorporate your workout into your daily life


Think about it, you don’t always have to be in full gear to actually get your body moving. One of the best ways of making sure you’re active is by incorporating your exercise into your daily routine. This is especially a good way if you’re super busy. Think about how you get from point A to point B. Maybe you can turn your commute to a bike ride. What if you walked to the supermarket instead of taking the car or took the flight of stairs instead of the elevator? There are loads of ways to incorporate walking and cycling into your daily routine.

2. Enjoy the outdoors

(Image/Hike it Baby)

The thought of a workout routine makes some people sick. Maybe you’re the outdoorsy type, instead. Running/jogging is one of the most sustainable ways of staying fit–all you really need is a pair of good runners and you’re set. If running isn’t your thing, then you can stick to walking and hiking instead. Stepping outside, enjoying the fresh air and connecting to nature can also serve as a reset button.

3. Get ripped at home

(Image/Zehra Allibhai)

You don’t have to pay monthly membership fees to get ripped. The truth is, you can get fit as a fiddle by using your own body weight, or you can even invest in some dumbbells or bands. The benefits of a home workout are endless. You avoid the commute and you get to sweat in the comfort of your own home. If you’re looking to get into quick and effective home workouts, then you’re going to want to check out The Fitnest by Zehra.

4. Yoga as a way to engage the mind, body and spirit


Yoga is about connecting the mind, body and spirit. It’s about moving mindfully through poses, becoming aware of your breathing and better understanding the union between your mind and body. Whether you want to find a way to slow down, strengthen your core or improve your flexibility, yoga will serve you. If you’re looking for a home yoga practice, then give Yoga with Adriene a chance.

Getting fit is a decision and once it’s made, you must commit to follow through. How you choose to connect with your body is entirely up to you, but make sure you pick a routine that fits into your lifestyle and one that you will enjoy committing to.