The Love Story Behind ‘Tuesday In Love’ Nail Polish Will Bring You to Tears

I received the new Tuesday In Love formula nail polish in Muslim Girl’s Care Package in April, and I must say I’m loving it much more than the original, peelable formula. I received this beautiful burgundy color and it is definitely long lasting.

But it was when I discovered the story behind Tuesday in Love and what the name means that I felt I had to share it. It’s written by the CEO, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Photo from Tuesday In Love's website.
Photo from Tuesday In Love’s website.


Tuesday in Love – A Love Story

I remember the sleepless nights. I remember the feelings of guilt. I remember the sorrow. The days of barely having enough to buy a week’s worth of groceries for my family are still memories that linger in the back of my mind. These are memories that I’m thankful for. They remind me to stay grounded, humble, and to never stop striving for excellence. These are the memories that remind me of how powerful love can be.

Almost five years ago, I sat in the kitchen every night looking for jobs on my laptop. Despite holding a foreign medical degree, I was unemployed because I was overqualified for every job I applied to, and I was still in the process of writing my medical board exams (which were also very expensive). One night I decided to take a break from uploading resumes and started looking through old photos of my wife and me.

I remember the sparkle in her eyes. I remember the sweetness of her smile. I remember it was Tuesday.

They were sweet reminders of the joys of a young marriage, capturing blissful moments of celebration and quirky poses. I was very fortunate to have married the woman of my dreams. Her love and support went beyond my expectations, and no matter what the circumstances were she stood by me with enormous courage. Perhaps what saddened me the most was that I was unable to give her even the simplest luxuries. We had once walked past a store in the mall and some bright bottles of nail polish caught her eye. And although she had admired them, she placed them back down simply because we couldn’t afford to spend any extra money. I remember the look of dismay on her face.

For some strange reason, it was at that moment I decided to look up halal nail polish. After an hour or so of reading articles and studying the ingredients I was convinced that there could be a better version of this. And it took me only a few seconds to convince myself that there should be. Perhaps it was the challenge that drove me to it, but I didn’t hesitate to find some sample ingredients and begin creating my own formula. In the following weeks, every night I turned my tiny kitchen table into a laboratory, experimenting with different chemicals and compounds, hoping that I would create something that worked. Finally, it happened.

The next morning I gave my wife a small bottle of pink nail polish. I placed a small amount of polish on a paper towel and let it dry, then added 2 drops of water on it. And as the water seeped through I remember the look on her face. I remember the sparkle in her eyes. I remember the sweetness of her smile. I remember it was Tuesday.