Photo credit: Manaal Al Hammadi, Instagram

It’s Lit: Solar Powered Abayas Are a Real Thing

Abayas have come a long way, like seriously. Back in my day (do I sound like my mom yet?!), at my Islamic school, we had to wear these ugly red Harry Potter looking cloak things.  They were heavy, uncomfortable and just plain ugly.
Cue the modesty movement.  Now cute brands like Modeste have become somewhat trendy, as have abayas.  What’s so wonderful about them is how easy they are to wear, and how effortlessly chic and feminine they look.
But what if your abaya was also the reason you never had to worry about being near an electrical outlet to charge your phone or your iPad?  If you’re puzzled, don’t be.  Say it with me now:  Salaam, solar powered abayas.  No outlet in sight?  Ain’t no ting, fam.

Thanks to Manaal Al- Hammadi, a Dubai-based fashion designer, you can charge your electronics ON YOUR FRIGGEN ABAYA.

Anywhere, anytime, no electricity needed. The abaya has nanotechnology fused on to it, and is embellished with solar panels so fly, you don’t even know they serve a purpose other than just looking good.
The abaya takes in energy from the sun, and includes hidden pockets so you can charge your electronics on the down low.
Al-Hammadi showcased her abaya prototype at the Solar Expo during the World Energy Summit at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre earlier this year.
Right now, her solar powered abayas are available in Dubai at The Fashion Vault in Sunset Mall.  You can also peep the designs on her instagram page and fan girl like the rest of us:  @manaalalhammadi.