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Linda Sarsour Wants You to Be Unapologetically Muslim

Linda Sarsour Wants You to Be Unapologetically Muslim

Muslims are always expected to denounce terrorist attacks associated with “radical Islam” and apologize on behalf of the Muslim community for something Islam does not embody. It’s a preposterous and unfair double standard that only applies to Muslims.
In this inspirational video created by a young man named Saqib, Linda Sarsour encourages the Muslim community to remain unapologetic and reminds us that we are an integral and important part of American society.

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  • “for something Islam does not embody” well there is the rub. is it really something islam doesn’t embody? if so, how is it there are 10s of 1,000s of muslims who support it. really more like 10s of millions.

  • “Linda Sarsour Wants You to Be Unapologetically Muslim”
    …and I always thought that it is Allah Almighty Who has Commanded in Qur’an Majeed that Muslims must openly declare themselves as Muslims. There is NO such thing as stealth Muslims. Declaring ones belief is fundamental to Islam. Fundamental to being Muslim.

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