Learn Arabic: 3 Basic Words Muslims Say on a Daily Basis

If you are not Muslim and have Muslim friends, you may often hear random Arabic words from your friends here and there. Moreover, if you recently converted to Islam and still trying to learn basic Arabic words and don’t know where to start, here are three words to learn and their meanings:


1. Bismillah — بسم الله‎‎


It means, “In the name of God.” This is often said before you start eating, or before doing something difficult like taking an exam at school. This is also said at the beginning of a new surah (chapter) of the Quran. This catchy song is cute and informative about the word bismillah.

Example: Bismillah, may Allah help me on this exam.


2. Alhamdulilah — الحمد لله


It means, “Praise God” — and is often said when something good happens or even when something you were expecting to happen but still accepting and thankful of God’s will. It is also said after eating to thank God for the meal.

Example: I fell down the stairs, but Alhamduliah, I only sprained my ankle.


3. La Illaha Illa Allah — لا إله إلا الله


It means “There is no God but Allah.” This is part of the shahada, the second part is “and Muhammad is His messenger.” This is the first pillar of Islam. It’s whispered in a newborn baby’s ear, and also when a person is dying. There’s a hadith that says, “Whoever says: ‘La illaha illa Allah’ [there is no god but Allah] will enter Jannah ‘Paradise.'”

Stay tuned for more Arabic words to learn. What was the first Arabic word you learned if you’re a convert or heard from friends if you’re not a Muslim?