Leah V. Shares Her Top 7 Outfits of the Year

OMG! We’ve made it into the new year. Bless up *DJ Khaled voice*. Ready for new beginnings? I know I am. We’ve shed some negative people: ex’s, frenemies, and maybe an annoying co-worker or two. Get your bucket list ready because I’ve asked my fashionable followers to vote for their top seven outfits of 2016. This list isn’t about my own self-gratification, or maybe it it…It’s about self-love. Confidence. And acceptance.

Anyone can put on makeup and slap on a bomb ensemble. But how many of us are sitting at home with stretch marks on their boobs, cellulite on them thighs, and a belly pooch that hangs over their pants? *Raises hands* I am as I’m compiling this list. Real life, bro!

So, for 2017, I want you to harness your inner Leah V. divaliciousness and as I always say, fuck it up! And by “it” I mean the world. Wear a color you’ve never thought to wear. Red lipstick? Smear that shit on. Dance when everyone is watching. Travel the world. Alone! Don’t let society’s standards stop you from living. “FUCK IT UP!” And when they ask why, tell em cuz Leah V. said so…

Check out these amazing ensembles from the last year of my blog, and see which styles made the list of my best outfits this past year:

No.7 That pop of color though!

Photo: Adele Lane Photography

No.6 So Parisian. Oui?

Photo: Richelle Marie Photography

No.5 Turbanista in red.

Photo: Danni Little

No.4 Couldn’t nobody tell me nothin that day.

Photo: Madinah Muhammad

No.3 *Finger snaps in Z formation.

Photo: Brooklyn Cashmere

No.2 I’ve always wanted to be a fairy.

Photo: Reel Clever Films

No.1 On my Riri shit!

Photo: C. Los Productions

Wildcard! Gold Dress. Birthday extravaganza. This dress was designed by me! But I ain’t sew it though.


Which one is your favorite? Let Leah V. know your thoughts.