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Leah V. Answers Some of Your Burning Questions!

I like to do random shit. If I feel it, I’m most likely gonna say it (or type it). LOL. I had this cool idea to ask some of my followers to give me some questions to answer. Like LIVE, but not really because it’s like weeks later. I was shocked at the high quality of questions I got. I thought people were gonna ask completely ridiculous stuff. See? That’s what I get for assuming. But, yeah. They really gave me thought-provoking questions.

So, here are my answers:



@Candeecurry asks: What do you feel is your unique purpose in the world? Do you feel as though you are on track?

Leah V: This is such a good question! And, honestly, it took me a long time to figure out how to answer it. At this point in life, I know that my purpose is to create content and share it with the world. My work is very niche, so everyone isn’t going to get it or like it. My purpose is to defy the odds, show girls, woman (and men) that you can look totally different and not fit the mold of societal beauty or power and still be whatever it is that you want to be. Which, in this world, is hard to swallow.

Am I on the right track? If you would’ve asked me last month, I would’ve said, hell yeah! Today, I’m not so sure. My ideologies of “on track” differ from day to day. I always hope I am though.


“I really look up to people who are real, raw, and have a backstory that doesn’t involve a silver spoon in the mouth.”

@JasmineN asks: What’s your fave piece of clothing and why?

Surprisingly, I don’t have one. I have a fave food though. HAHA. I’m sorry, I lied. My fave item of clothing are leggings because you can lounge in them and stretch whenever or wherever you are in the world, comfortably.


@becoming_becca.again_ asks: Who’s your biggest influencer, the person you look up to?

I have many. A lot of them aren’t even in the “fashion” arena. I really look up to people who are real, raw, and have a backstory that doesn’t involve a silver spoon in the mouth. I love individuals that are a little rough around the edges, ones who went through hell to get to where they are now. People like Oprah, Maya Angelou, and J.K. Rowling. I struggle all the time doing what I do. I’m struggling today. But reading stories of their struggles and how they just believed and kept going really changes my life and outlook.

Makeup by Madinah Muhammad
Makeup by Madinah Muhammad


@Thisis_esi asks: Dating as a young fat, Black, Muslim woman, challenges? Best and worst experiences?

Oh lordy! Lol. Girl, now you know there is a lot of those challenges when dating. And this is such a touchy topic because I’m Muslim and Muslims aren’t supposed to date, but you know I keep it real. Most guys don’t even approach me because I wear hijab so that knocks out about 90 percent. For the 10 percent that have the guts to come up to me or message, they span from fat-shamers, BBW fetishizers, and weirdos. I’ve had okay dates, but no one has stuck yet because I’m finicky like a cat.


@Prettyinpigment asks: What do you love most about Detroit?

Detroit is OK. LOL. The job market sucks. The food here is pretty tasty. Detroit isn’t a fast-paced city but it isn’t slow either. It’s a good balance. It’s laid back and still growing which is cool. I don’t think I’d stay here though; it’s not growing fast enough in the fields of fashion or publishing.


@Lateeforigninals asks: What’s your favorite color?

Black. Darkness! And I like colors, too. Don’t have a favorite. Back in the day, it used to be yellow.


@lionwinemountain asks: What books inspire you?

The Harry Potter Series. I really love Young Adult fiction and dystopian novels. I love being immersed in other worlds. And I’m really inspired by the author’s story of how she created the characters while being broke.


@notmycupofchai asks: What advice would you give to your young Muslim sisters who are trying to find themselves?

I’d tell them to stick to their guns. Family, friends, and the media will try to persuade you from being who you are truly meant to be. Who you’re comfortable being. Don’t allow them to. You have to be true to yourself and listen to your gut.

Dress: PinkCloveUK
Dress: PinkCloveUK


@Saneelatameez asks: What is your greatest fear in life?

Wow. Y’all didn’t come to play games today! Right now, my biggest fear is failure. I’ve always been an overachiever and I thought that perfection was attainable. I still have to remind myself to chill, but it’s hard. I just don’t want to let anyone down.


@itsbenstange asks: What do you want to be your legacy?

I want my legacy to be that girl who didn’t take no for an answer. Who pushed through the glass ceiling even though she had negative two bucks in her account. I want to be that beacon of change of the mass ideology that beauty is only thin or only white. That as a Muslim woman, you can. That as a Black woman, you can. That as a fat person, you can. And you will. And you deserve. All of it. I want my legacy to be words. With meaning. With direction. Substance. To change the world from hate and ignorance to understanding and respect for all humankind.




Leah V.